1.As a member of the Joint Council of Churches for All Nations

(JCCAN), leadership meetings will be held bi-annually (six months)

for the purpose of information and planning.



2.Churches within JCCAN’s organisation are in no way legally or

financially obligated to each other.



3.Churches within JCCAN are to run independently of the Council.



4.Independent churches entering the organisation are not required

to change their names on legal or financial documents.



5.Independent churches are required to have the following documentation

- policies and procedures in place:


•Insurance – Employer’s Liability


•Safeguarding for Children and Vulnerable Adults


•Disclosure and Barring checks (formerly Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)



6.JCCAN’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in the month of




7.JCCAN’s Annual Fellowship Conference will be held in the month of

October, of which all members are expected to attend.