Bob & Teju Alonge run a media outreach that is reaching many nations and touching lives through satellite TV, publications and the internet. They oversee a ministerial association and a chaplaincy institute with members around the world. They are relentlessly pioneering projects in education and community development. They also serve as consultants to corporations and mentors/coaches to “Apostles in the Marketplace”.


Rt. Rev. Francis Bob Alonge is the Bishop of the Covenant Assembly Mission which is a covering body for various ministries and missions. He is the overseer of the Capital Assembly, a multi-cultural church based in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. He also serves as a consultant to many ministries and as a coach to entrepreneurs. He holds a MSc. in Architecture and another MSc. in Multi-Disciplinary Studies. He also holds several certificates and diplomas in Leadership, Ministry and in Theology.

He is a member of the Bishops’ Council of the Joint Council of Churches for All Nations (JCCAN).


Bishop Francis Bob Alonge

Bishop Francis Bob Alonge


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Bishop Francis Bob Alonge, also known as “the Voice of One”, is reaching nations with a message of hope, empowerment and transformation. He conveys scriptural insight with practical leadership and relational principles to help shape and reform lives. He sincerely believes that, “God wants everybody to be somebody and God does not want anybody to be a 'nobody'”. Along with his wife, Adeteju, they passionately pursue ways to deliver wisdom, motivation and empowerment.