For about 15 years he has been actively involved with the Joint Council of Churches for All Nations (JCCAN) and also devotes much of his time to other organisations. Having embraced the ethos of the Joint Council of Churches for All Nations (JCCAN), he has contributed widely to the aims and objectives of the organisation as its Chairman for 15 years, with a desire to meet the needs of the various sections of the community. He assisted in establishing the JCACC Academy of Learning in 2004 and served as the Dean and Deputy Principal of the School. Bishop Green currently lectures in Theology and Leadership at the JCCAN School of Theology, Leadership and Management. Bishop Green is a member of the Bishops’ Council of the Joint Council of Churches for All Nations (JCCAN).

His ministry takes him to many parts of the world e.g: America, Israel, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, St. Vincent, Jamaica, Trinidad, etc.

Bishop Green is married  for 24 years. He is extremely grateful to Almighty God for his wife, First Lady Joycelyn whom the Lord has used to strengthen his hand. He is blessed with one (1) son and one (1) daughter, six (6) grandchildren and four (4) great- grandchildren.

Bishop Dr. C. Green


Bishop Green

Bishop Dr. Creswell Green has been a long term Southwark resident and has a background as an aerospace engineer with a successful 43 year career working for one organisation.


He graduated from the Latter-Rain Minister’s Training College in January 1983 and was ordained as a Minister of Religion in April 1983. He obtained a Certificate of Theology from the London University in the studies of Liberation Theology and in October 2008. He obtained the Master of Theology Degree from the University of North Carolina through the South London Christian College. In the year 2003, he was consecrated into the Office of a Bishop of The Joint Council of Anglo Caribbean Churches (now the Joint Council of Churches for All Nations) and leader of The Latter-Rain Outpouring Revival Ministries and in March 2013 he received the Degree of Doctor of Divinity from the Missionary Chapel Seminary. Not only does he lead the Latter-Rain Outpouring Revival Ministries seven branches, but also serves other ministries as their spiritual head.

Bishop Dr. C. Green