Bishop D Greaves





Bishop Desmond Greaves has been consecration as Apostle McFarlane first presider on 23rd of June 2012 to assist him with the work and the extension of humanity there.


We are determined to achieve our vision with endurance, motivation and the right spirit it can be done.


Bishop Greaves is married to Co-Pastor Stephanie, who has worked alongside him throughout his Ministry. They have two lovely boys, Master Solomon and Simon.


Bishop Greaves is a member of the Bishops’ Council of the Joint Council of Churches for All Nations (JCCAN).  

Salvation & Deliverance Ministries Apostolic Int’l was founded by Bishop Desmond Greaves and established in the year 2002.  Starting from humble beginnings with only a handful of faithful members, he brought them together for formal worship in a rented church, within a working class area in Anerley, South London SE20. Over the years Bishop Greaves ministry has been growing from strength to strength.


Bishop D Greaves

Bishop Desmond Greaves